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Crankcase QUATTRINI C1 for espa SMALLFRAME 50-90-125

Crankcase QUATTRINI C1 for espa SMALLFRAME 50-90-125Crankcase QUATTRINI C1 for espa SMALLFRAME 50-90-125Crankcase QUATTRINI C1 for espa SMALLFRAME 50-90-125Crankcase QUATTRINI C1 for espa SMALLFRAME 50-90-125Crankcase QUATTRINI C1 for espa SMALLFRAME 50-90-125
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€ 628,99 Discount 2.5%

613,26 VAT included

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From € 10,89Details
Item code: PM-205
Brand: Quattrini competizione
Product code: C-1
ATTENTION: Intended for Competitive-Sport Use
Availability: Available
Discover Italian Excellence with the Quattrini Crankcase for Vespa: Guaranteed Reliability and Performance. Expertly crafted in Italy, these crankcases are the ideal choice for Vespa models 50 N L R SPECIAL, 90, 125 Primavera/ET3, PK50-125/S/XL/XL2. Reinforced in every part and cast with the premium Galsi9 tempered material, these crankcases offer unparalleled robustness.

The intelligent design includes assembly with 13 6mm Allen screws, ensuring a secure and long-lasting seal. Versatility is at the core of these crankcases, with specific workings on the flywheel side to accommodate even the Vespatronik ignition. The top is ready for the installation of high-quality exhausts, such as M3XC, Type R, and similar, which are positioned behind the shock absorber, ensuring a unique aesthetic and optimal performance.

The spacious and centrally positioned front lamellar luggage rack is designed to easily accommodate a large lamellar pack, making the crankcase adaptable to your needs. Openable for the installation of suction-free cylinders, this detail showcases the flexibility of the design.

The reinforced support arm is designed for the use of a 3.50/10 tire, ensuring a stable and secure ride. With included support for the water pump, drawing movement from the quadruple of the gearbox (third gear), these crankcases offer advanced features to enhance your vehicle's performance.

The wide and thick base is designed to accommodate a wide range of cylinders, without requiring welding patches. Internally, the crankcase is equipped with a pump card worked for the installation of the dedicated full-shoulder shaft, with a coupling axis length of 48mm. The bank bearings (code 6304/c4) measuring 20-52-15mm and the oil seals measuring 20-35-7mm, both externally removable, ensure easy maintenance.

This Quattrini Crankcase is designed for excellence, with a full-shoulder crankshaft, a stroke of 51mm, a connecting rod of 102mm, and a shaft length of 48mm. Exclusively dedicated to this model, it ensures high and enduring performance. Mount with confidence, using two 20-52-15mm bearings and two 20-35-7mm oil seals for an optimal riding experience.



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